Trackside is not an app. What's wrong with apps? 

  • Extra steps to install
  • Separate code and different functionality per device
  • Limited by Google or Apple's rules/restrictions
  • Heavy data requirements

Instead, Trackside uses something every phone already has - a web browser! 


Trackside is based on HTML5 and works through a web browser, NO APP TO INSTALL!

  • 100% browser-based means uniform functionality across devices 98% of app-based functionality with no extra steps or separate code
  • Updates can be applied immediately with no third-party involvement
  • Updates require no work from users (no app updates)
  • Efficient operation in weak data service areas
  • No convincing customers to install another app on their phone


Unified, modular Trackside design means:

  • 100% accurate registration & sales data all in one system
  • No more manual, paper processes
  • All functions “talk to each other” like magic

No WiFi? No Internet? No problem!

  • Trackside's experts are capable of sourcing Internet solutions almost anywhere!  We've beamed Internet service from neighboring town's water towers, installed satellite access and much more.  If we can't get Internet access to your facility, nobody can!  You'll be suprised at how affordable this can be as well!
  • After the Internet is installed at your track - now it needs to be usable at different parts of your facility.  Trackside installs complete WiFi systems - our standard network packages can span up to 1 mile across a facility!
  • Below is a representation of how it works when Trackside installs a full system at a track:


Yes, these are ACTUAL photos of OUR datacenter.

At Trackside we take digital security and data protection very seriously.


Our founder’s background is IT security. He graduated from the Cisco Networking Academy and has overseen IT security in Aerospace/Defense and other industries in his 20+ years of corporate IT experience.


As a result, we have taken a “private cloud” approach to delivering the Trackside platform. We have no reliance on "big tech" and they have no access to any customer information.


Trackside is hosted on our wholly-owned enterprise infrastructure in a SOC audited secure datacenter in Ohio, providing comprehensive N+1 redundancy.


Robust business continuity & service availability plans are in place with an alternate failover datacenter provider.


Our corporate data governance policies provide a superior level of protection for Trackside customers & their data – we will not use customer data for any purposes other than serving our customers. No marketing, no selling information, no gimmicks.  |  330-754-3364

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