Point of Sale Setup


  1. AIS Admin Account
  2. Update Broadcom WiFi Driver (If Needed)
  3. Install Remote Access/Support Client


  1. Install All Windows Updates
  2. Set Time Zone Local to Track
  3. Install Hoin POS-80 Series Printer Driver
  4. Setup Printer Properties – Devices & Printers –> POS 80 Series –> Printer Properties –> Preferences –> Paper/Quality –> Advanced… –> Change Paper to 80×3276
  5. Change Computer Name in windows to match labeled name
  6. Chrome Install & Default Browser for POS User
  7. Make Chrome the default PDF application 
  8. Turn off remembering passwords & credit card info in Chrome settings (Google Password Manager, under Settings.
  9. Set Chrome Home Page to customer’s Trackside site in settings & make it a shortcut on new tab
  10. Unpin Programs from Task Bar, right click task bar and remove additional widgets in taskbar settings, leave search on – Add Chrome to Task Bar
  11. Remove Edge shortcut from desktop
  12. Adjust Advanced Power Settings
  13. PC & Monitor goes to sleep never, Hybrid sleep to Never
  14. Put a link on the desktop pointing to https://tracksidesystems.com/scanner/
  15. Set Background to Trackside logo
  16. Set up Backgrounds & Screensaver folders in Pictures folder, hide both once appearance customization is complete. Only hide parent folders, Do not hide contents
  17. Make Screensaver alternating contrast Trackside Logos (Logo 1 | Logo 2)
  18. 10 minutes for screensaver to start, verify correct operation
  19. POS Account (non-admin, no password, never expires, user cannot change) - repeat/verify list from time zone
  20. Go into Startup Apps and disable Edge, OneDrive, Teams, and other unnecessary apps on startup, making sure to leave Security Notifications on
  21. Bloatware cleanup - Solitare, the Xbox apps, Clipchamp, Teams, OneNote, OneDrive, Office 365