Point of Sale Setup


  1. AIS Admin Account
  2. Update Broadcom WiFi Driver (If Needed)
  3. Install Remote Access/Support Client



  1. Install All Windows Updates
  2. Set Time Zone Local to Track
  3. Install Hoin POS-80 Series Printer Driver
  4. Setup Printer Properties – Devices & Printers –> POS 80 Series –> Printer Properties –> Preferences –> Paper/Quality –> Advanced… –> Change Paper to 80×3276
  5. Change Computer Name in windows to match labeled name
  6. Chrome Install & Default Browser for POS User
  7. Make Chrome the default PDF application 
  8. Turn off remembering passwords & credit card info in Chrome settings
  9. Set Chrome Home Page to customer’s Trackside site in settings & make it a shortcut on new tab
  10. Unpin Programs from Task Bar, right click task bar and remove additional widgets in taskbar settings, leave search on – Add Chrome to Task Bar
  11. Remove Edge shortcut from desktop
  12. Adjust Advanced Power Settings
  13. PC & Monitor goes to sleep never, Hybrid sleep to Never
  14. Add a copy of QR Scanner Config Sheet to POS User Desktop
  15. Set Background to Trackside logo
  16. Set up Backgrounds & Screensaver folders in Pictures folder, hide both once appearance customization is complete. Only hide parent folders, Do not hide contents
  17. Make Screensaver alternating contrast Trackside Logos (Logo 1 | Logo 2)
  18. 10 minutes for screensaver to start, verify correct operation
  19. POS Account (non-admin, no password, never expires, user cannot change) - repeat/verify list from time zone