By motorsports, for motorsports.

We are different - we were our own first customer. Our product is tested at our own motorsports events first to this day.


Trackside Systems provides the essential and comprehensive technology to thrive in the modern world so that motorsports aren't left behind.


Our vision is to keep motorsports alive for generations to come by continuously enhancing the racer & fan experience.

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Our Story

We are different – we were our own first customer.  Our product is tested at our own motorsports events first to this day.

Trackside was born out of necessity.  Jason Kennedy, President/CTO of Trackside founded AutoInterests in 2009 (its roots start with a car club he lead circa 2004).  AutoInterests is a unique, high end road course high performance driving school that Jason knew would be different than any other in the industry by being completely digital.  Its digital strategy, founded on Trackside, led AutoInterests to become the largest program of its kind in the Midwest, and 3rd largest in the USA; going from 2 to more than 35 events (public & private) across ~8 venues each season.

Trackside was initially created just for AutoInterests to eliminate paper waivers, manual spreadsheets, long lines and clunky front-gate processes. Lost paperwork and impossible-to-hear to PA announcements also added to the frustration at events.  Trackside solves all of these problems.

Jason left a 20+ year IT career in Corporate America in 2019 to dedicate his talents to his true passion – motorsports.  Trackside technology has been field-tested and proven again and again, helping numerous motorsports organizations run better events and retain happy customers all while improving profitability!

Trackside has been refined to provide seamless event management, marketing, and ticketing that makes event experiences better for participants and event organizers. Today, Trackside is used by top motorsports organizations and consistently delivers value through efficiency, communication and streamlined processes.

Today, the Trackside team combines seasoned technology and motorsports professionals to deliver world-class, affordable, technology solutions to modernize motorsports.

Our Team

Jason Kennedy
Chief Technology Officer

Sarah Kennedy
Chief Operating Officer

Andrea Marcu
Customer Success

Kyle Tellstrom
Sales Consultant

Justin Bullard
Technical Support

Jon Webber
Implementation Support

Sleep Specialist

Emotional Support

Snack Analyst