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Monday – Friday | 9:00am – 4:00pm EST

Special times for meetings/training available outside of these hours by appointment.

Emergency Support 24/7

For non-urgent items use to open a ticket. Opening a ticket is the best way to reach support, as this is monitored by multiple members of our team.
For time-sensitive but not urgent, call us at 330-754-3364.
For AFTER-HOUR emergencies, use the emergency support procedure which simultaneously notifies multiple members of our team using various methods of communication.

Please do NOT use individual cell phone numbers/text messages for our team if you have an emergency, as we maintain a formal on-call rotation to share the responsibility and provide the best possible service for customers. Plus we like to let people take a weekend off or have a vacation 🙂

This service is reserved specifically for issues occurring outside of business hours that affect your ability to complete sales or conduct an events. If emergency support is used for non-emergency issues, a minimum $150 charge will be applied to your account. There is no charge for emergency support for issues that are a legitimate emergency. 

  • Call 330-754-3364
  • Press 1 for Trackside Systems
  • Press 2 for Support
  • Press 3 for after-hours emergency support
  • You will be prompted to enter your emergency support code (which was sent to you separately)
  • You will most likely reach a person, but if you don’t – please leave a detailed voicemail about the issue you are having!