TRACKSIDE products

Our software is our primary product

We offer hardware in order to provide a seamless experience for you to use our software.


These devices are turnkey and certified to work with Trackside, making your experience as easy as possible.


Trackside provides end to end complete solutions so you don't have to waste time shopping or sourcing hardware (like our competitors make you do).


We maintain remote support software on all full size point-of-sale units so we can rapidly assist with any issues.


We provide a full one-year warranty on all equipment, after which replacement parts are available at cost.*

*Warranty does not cover abuse/dropping/destruction.

Available Hardware

Full Size Point of Sale (Gen. 2)


Place full size units in permanent ticket booths or concession/souvenir buildings.

  • 15.6″ touch screen
  • Cash drawer
  • Receipt printer
  • Magnetic swipe card reader
  • QR scanner (with stand included, but not pictured)
  • Optional upgrade to chip/tap reader (not pictured) +$400

Handheld Point of Sale


Use handhelds for extra coverage for large events, or to work the line and keep it moving.

  • Built-in receipt printer
  • Built-in credit card reader
  • Works anywhere WiFi is available
  • Sell tickets or merchandise/concessions

RapidScan I


Use this to scan pre-sold tickets. Keep your customers happy with a “fast lane”!

  • Portable QR ticket scanner
  • High accuracy quick scanning
  • Durable and water resistant
  • Works anywhere WiFi is available
  • Rapidly scan tickets

WiFi Network

"Starting Line" WiFi & point-of-sale Package: one-time cost starting at $7,995

We build large scale WiFi networks that JUST WORK.

Optional one-time installation and equipment cost that connects up to 3 buildings on customer premises, including main internet demarcation point. Can connect buildings that are 1 mile or more apart from each other.

Does not include monthly internet service or 3rd party installation/equipment fees. Does not include travel or equipment shipping costs.

Additional WiFi connectivity points can be installed at an added cost of $1,495 per building. Terms and conditions apply.

  • Campus WiFi Infrastructure (up to 3 buildings included)
  • 2 Full Size Point of Sale Units
  • 2 Handheld Point of Sale Units
  • 2 RapidScan I Units