Trackside is often compared to "ticketing" competitors. It's important to remember when comparing that Trackside does far more than just ticketing, as shown below. Trackside strives to be the only system you need to run your motorsports events.


With Trackside you get $18,280 worth of features for FREE!

(Based on our Pro Plan)

To get close to the total functionality of Trackside beyond basic ticketing, the ADDITIONAL annual cost of 3rd party services is $18,280. These are provided by Trackside at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Many of these features do not exist anywhere else! Trackside is far more than a ticketing platform, but that's where it starts!


The below comparison on ticket prices is based on a moderately sized points weekend. This example shows ticket pricing based on the following assumptions:

  • 197 racer registrations sold at $100/ea
  • 794 spectator/crew tickets sold at $18/ea

Total tickets sold = 991

Total gross sales = $33,992

The above comparison excludes credit card processing fees. This comparison is based on the Trackside "Stock" Plan which is the most similar to basic ticketing providers that do not have the advanced features that Trackside does.  |  330-754-3364

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