The following videos will help to prepare you for your first event using Trackside. Make sure you watch these and get everything set up ahead of time - this includes getting your staff & workers trained, devices out and charged, and performing a "mock event" is always a great idea! Reference our "How To" site for even more information!

How to Create your Account

Make sure each of the people who will be using Trackside at your event (to sell tickets/products, scan tickets, or check in drivers) have an account created! Once their account(s) are created, you'll need to give them appropriate permissions (watch the next video). Learn more about creating an account here.

How to Assign User Permissions

As your organization's Trackside manager, you’ll need to give your staff/workers the appropriate permissions in order to access certain areas of Trackside, such as point of sale, check-in, front gate, etc. Watch the video below to learn how:

Register Groups and Registers

This video will explain register groups and registers and how to set them up. For more information you can read the How To article here.

Product Mapping

In order to get buttons onto your point of sale screen, you need to map the products you want to appear. Watch the video below to learn how, or read the How To article here. Make sure you already have events and/or products created prior to product mapping.

Using the Point of Sale

In this video, we cover the prerequisites of using the point of sale, how to open and close a till, how to add items or tickets to a transaction, misc. charges, product lookup, and more! This information is also available in our How To here.

Scanning Tickets

Learn how to scan pre-sold tickets using Trackside. For a refresh or those who prefer to read, check it out on the How To.  |  330-754-3364

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